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SP33 Series Semi-atuomatic Special Gas Control Panels
Product detail

SP33 series semi-automatic switching special gas control panel is specially designed for the application of special gas and high purity gas. The maximum input pressure is 21 MPa. It adopts the installation mode of separating floor and panel against wall. It can realize uninterrupted gas supply through automatic switching and has the function of selecting preferential gas supply side. It is widely used in various laboratories and gas distribution. Analysis of detection sites.

Structural characteristics                                                          Material Science

·Semi automatic pressure difference switching structure.       .Reducer body ---316L, copper plating                                                              ·The rotating handle can select the preferential air supply side and provide the indication of gas supply.      .PTFE、PCTFE

·Single stage, diaphragm type special gas pressure reducer;      .Diaphragm valve body ---316L

·2"Pressure gauge is clear and easy to read, and different pressure units are available.      .Diaphragm valve seat --- PCTFE

·Diaphragm valve belt switch indication;      .Card sleeve - stainless steel

.External safety valve can discharge in time and ensure safety when overpressure.

.Multiple inlet and outlet connection modes are available.

Technical parameters:

·Maximum intake pressure:250、500、2000、3000PSI

·Outgassing pressure:0-30、50、100、150、200、300PSI

·Applicable temperature range:-40~+74℃(-40~+165°F)

·Leakage rate:2x10-8 atm.cc/sec He;



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