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The treatment of kitchen waste is imminent, and the market is waiting for flowers.

2018/9/22 15:32:10

The treatment of kitchen waste is imminent. The market for hundreds of millions of people waits for an hour before the flower is opened, and it becomes garbage in an hour. Authoritative data statistics show that China's kitchen waste is huge, and resource utilization is low. The city produces no less than 60 million tons of kitchen waste per year, and the output of kitchen waste in large and medium-sized cities is staggering. At present, the kitchen waste and the domestic garbage are mixed and stacked in most cities, mainly based on traditional incineration and landfill.

However, incineration and landfill cannot realize the utilization of kitchen waste resources, and bring a heavy burden to local finance. Even in cities that vigorously develop kitchen waste recycling technology, the proportion of resource treatment is relatively low.

Based on the grim situation, China has issued the "Notice on Organizing the Pilot Work of Resource Utilization and Harmless Treatment of Urban Kitchen Wastes" and "Opinions on Strengthening the Improvement of Waste Oil and the Management of Kitchen Wastes", pointing out Strengthen the management and special rectification of the kitchen waste in China, and promote its resource utilization and harmless treatment.

In view of the huge market demand and the help of policies, the market development space of the kitchen waste treatment industry is gradually clear.

Ren Lianhai, director of the China Kitchen Environmental Protection Industry Association's dining and kitchen waste special committee, said that if the daily production of 100,000 tons is calculated during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the collection and transportation system will be completed, and the market will reach a scale of 20 billion yuan. The transportation system includes garbage containers and vehicles, including the connection between vehicles and garbage containers. The construction of treatment and disposal projects and the construction of treatment plants are calculated according to the investment of 500,000 to 1 million tons. The market scale will reach 50 billion to 100 billion yuan. In terms of daily operation, the treatment and disposal plant is divided into two parts: one is kitchen waste; the other is kitchen waste oil (ditch oil). Adding local subsidies, the annual market size can be about 30 billion yuan. In terms of supervision system construction, many cities need to improve their management level, and need to build some information systems, including GPS visualization positioning system, which can form The market size of about 2 billion yuan.

Faced with such a tempting cake, many companies in the industry are gearing up. However, in fact, because China's kitchen waste processing industry is in its infancy, the receipt and transportation of kitchen waste is basically done by private individuals. The government supervision is not in place, and most of the kitchen waste is flowing to illegal workshops and farms. As a result, many of the kitchen waste treatment plants that have been built have not met the processing requirements, and there is a phenomenon of “not eating enough”.



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